Fact Check: Pneumococcal Vaccine In Bulgaria NOT The Same As mRNA Vaccines, Does NOT Contain High-Tech Nanobots With GPS Positioning Connected To 5G

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Fact Check: Pneumococcal Vaccine In Bulgaria NOT The Same As mRNA Vaccines, Does NOT Contain High-Tech Nanobots With GPS Positioning Connected To 5G Fact Check: Pneumococcal Vaccine In Bulgaria NOT The Same As mRNA Vaccines, Does NOT Contain High-Tech Nanobots With GPS Positioning Connected To 5G No Connection

Is the pneumococcal vaccine in Bulgaria identical to mRNA vaccines, and does it incorporate nanobots or similar high-tech nanodevices with GPS positioning linked to 5G? No, that's not true: The pneumococcal vaccine approved for Bulgaria, called Prevenar 13, is a polysaccharide conjugate vaccine, which is different mRNA vaccines. According to the officially published information outlining the composition and characteristics of Prevenar 13, there are no nanotechnologies in its formulation.

The claim appeared in a video on TikTok (archived here) published by @lightmoon888 on January 7, 2024.

The headline on top of the video (translated from Bulgarian to English by Lead Stories staff) read:

Berlin teacher convicted for comparing COVID-19 vaccines to the Holocaust

The yellow text at the center of the video read (as translated):

GOY(archived here)

Get vaccinated!

The person identified as Vencislav Angelov in the video says (as translated):

See what kind of murderers, butchers, freaks, and monsters we are talking about? And this is a TV report on Bulgarian National Television (BNT)! We are well aware that individuals with illnesses have compromised immunity. Taking a vaccine means you get an infection, and the body has to combat it. It's well known that with weakened immunity, the body may struggle to cope.

This is where the vaccination begins, dear sisters and dear brothers, with killer vaccines against pneumococcal bacteria, or vaccines, or whatever. But no one will tell you what they contain, that they are no different from mRNA vaccines! No different than the fake COVID-19 vaccines. That they are also filled up with nanobots and nanorobots -- high-tech devices with GPS positioning with a direct connection to the 5G system. No one will tell you that!

We need to see the information provided by the Ministry of Health that presents the characteristics and description of these vaccines that should protect the population. We shall see what it says there! It will not only have the features of the killer vaccines from the COVID-19 hoax. I am convinced that it is also recorded here that these are GMO vaccines! I am certain! Like in the mRNA vaccines. I am certain! Half of the elements from Mendeleev's Periodic Table will be in these pneumococcal vaccines! And they do not protect against the flu. On the contrary, they kill!

That's why I released a video (archived here) on TikTok, saying: People's Party 'Truth and Only the Truth' with the overlay text, 'Don't get vaccinated because you will die in your sleep,' placed over the top of the BNT TV report. We will not stop talking about vaccines! That these are not vaccines for treatment but vaccines that kill.

And because the COVID-19 scam failed completely, we are now being introduced to various flu epidemics and pneumococcal vaccines. This will not happen, dear sisters and brothers. That is why the Divine Family People's Party 'Truth and Only the Truth' will be the last fortress of truth, justice, and freedom for every awake Bulgarian.

This is what the post looked like on TikTok at the time of writing:

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 8.13.23.png

(Source: TikTok screenshot taken on Fri Jan 12 08:28:39 2024 UTC)

The claim in the video was made by Vencislav Angelov (archived here), who leads the Bulgarian party "People's Party 'Truth, and Only the Truth'" (archived here,) self-identifying as a "Divine Family." His political group is recognized for disseminating multiple conspiracy theories, including claims on TikTok (archived here) regarding Israel and the Jewish community.

Angelov was convicted in 2023 (archived here) for assaulting a doctor, according to an article on the NOVA website on April 27, 2023.

His claim follows the introduction of a national campaign (archived here) in January 2024 promoting voluntary and free pneumococcal vaccination for people 65 and older. The campaign aims to address the significant impact of pneumococcal infections (archived here) on mortality rates among this age group, both in Europe and worldwide.

Details about the vaccines used in Bulgaria are on the Ministry of Health's Immunizations website (archived here). The approved pneumococcal vaccine in Bulgaria for people over 65 is Prevenar 13, a polysaccharide conjugate vaccine. According to information from Pfizer's website (archived here), polysaccharide and conjugate vaccines are produced using part of a pathogen and are distinct from mRNA vaccines.

The official document (archived here) detailing the product's characteristics and vaccine composition, along with the European Public Assessment Report (archived here) from the European Medicines Agency for Prevenar 13, where product information (archived here) is available, does not make any reference to the inclusion of nanobots, nanorobots or similar nanotechnology capable of interacting with 5G in the vaccine.

Lead Stories previously debunked the claim that mRNA vaccines contain nanotechnology interacting with 5G technology.

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