Fact Check: Electric Vehicles Are NOT Microwave Ovens That Destroy Human DNA, Weaken Immune System

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Fact Check: Electric Vehicles Are NOT Microwave Ovens That Destroy Human DNA, Weaken Immune System Safe & Green

Is it true that electric vehicles are like microwave ovens and are detrimental to human health, causing DNA damage, weakening immunity, reducing lifespan and leading to premature death? No, that's not true: Both electric vehicles and microwave ovens are safe for human health, yet they operate on different principles and serve different purposes, making a comparison invalid. Electric vehicles are safe and environmentally friendly, and microwave ovens use nonionizing radiation; neither harming DNA, weakening immunity or shortening lifespan.

The claim аppeared in a video (archived here) on TikTok on January 30, 2024, with the caption (translated from Bulgarian to English by Lead Stories staff):

Microwave for people

The narrator says (as translated):

Would you microwave your cat or baby to dry them out? No, of course, that's crazy. Electric vehicles are the same thing - a microwave oven for people. They ruin people's DNA, destroy their immunity, shorten their lives and kill them. Congratulations!

This is what the post looked like on TikTok at the time of writing:

Screenshot 2024-02-01 234313.png

(Source: TikTok screenshot taken on Thu Feb 1 21:43:16 2024 UTC)

There is no evidence to suggest that electric vehicles cause DNA damage, weaken immunity, reduce lifespan or lead to premature death. While both electric vehicles (EVs) (archived here) and microwaves (archived here) use electricity, they use it in very different ways and for different purposes. They are not comparable in terms of technology. EVs (archived here) and microwave ovens (archived here) are both safe and pose no known health risks. Both have been thoroughly tested and deemed safe for everyday use.

EVs, which are as safe as their conventional counterparts, operate using a unique battery technology (archived here). A substantial traction battery pack is at the heart of an EV, supplying power to an electric motor that propels the vehicle's wheels. This battery relies on an external power source for charging, often a standard wall outlet or a specialized charging station. The primary goal of EV technology is to transform stored electrical energy (archived here) into mechanical energy, propelling the vehicle forward. An added advantage of EVs is their zero tailpipe emissions, making them a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles.

In contrast, microwave ovens employ non-ionizing radiation (archived here) to heat food. This radiation is safe and does not render your food radioactive. They produce microwaves that stimulate the water molecules in food, leading to vibrations that generate heat. This technology centers on the use of electromagnetic waves for heat production.

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